Penetration Testing Kit - How To

Getting started

When installed, the PTK will have no data and you will need to open a new tab with the application you are planning to work with. Just browse the application as usual, send any forms, click links, etc. Click on the PTK icon in your browser and you will see insightful information about the application like requests per frames, missed security headers and the application technology stack


The best way to see the dashboard in action is to open a new tab and then browse an application. Once completed just click the PTK icon and you will get immediate insight into the security level of the app

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Record authentication steps or a sequence, export as a HAR file, Selenium .side or XML macro

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Request builder

Struggling with javascript validation when need to execute a request with an attack payload? Try the PTK request builder right in your browser

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Request attacker

Curious what may happen when an attacker sends a request with SQL or Command Line Injections? Try our request attacker

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Integration with the PTK is pretty simple. Check the link below

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