Penetration Testing Kit - Install

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Welcome to the PTK community!

Thank you for giving PTK a try. Resulting from our public association with the PTK, True Positives, LLC conducts user and market research with the express permission of its authors. (read the full story). We do this solely to ensure that any future development of the tools capabilities is informed by from its Users.

We value your input and invite you to contribute to the occasional User survey. In advance you can be assured True Positives, LLC will not share, rent nor sell the information you provide or use it for solicitation. We may aggregate survey data to perform research and other lawful purposes.

When installed, the PTK has no data yet and you need to open a new tab with the application you are planning to work with. Browse the application as usual, send any forms, click links, etc. When you are ready just click on the PTK icon in your browser and you will see insightful information about the application like requests per frames, missed security headers and the application technology stack